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Yoga and Pilates

From Globalfisio we believe in movement as a therapeutic tool, that’s why we trust that our active therapies can be the solution to many ailments that stay in time or come back cyclically.

We have 3 modalities that can be adjusted to your needs: Yoga bow spring, therapeutic Pilates in small group and, as a novelty, therapy based on motor control of the cervical segment (CMC).

Yoga Bow Spring: A modality that offers us the benefits of classic yoga and fits our rehabilitation approaches based on facilitating the appearance of the natural curves of the spine.

CMC (cervical motor control): New and leading therapy that is born in response to the absence of therapies directed exclusively at the head and neck, the incidence of this pathology being more frequent in the population.

Its main objective is to reorder the participation of the muscles that control the position of the head and shoulders in the tasks of the daily life and to integrate this control in the global work of the posture. We have tools that provide biofeedback (visual) magnifying information for motor learning and giving meaning, intensity and fun to the therapeutic event.


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