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A very complete physical conditioning method

Pilates is a very complete physical conditioning method that works the body globally. The exercises seek to improve the posture, working flexibility and toning the peripheral musculature and especially the deep muscles, which is the one that gives us more stability.

It is aimed at people who suffer or have suffered back pain, both as a treatment and method of preparation before restarting other sports activities, to avoid relapses.

Before starting pilates classes, we will make an assessment with our physiotherapist specialized in clinical pilates, to be able to adapt the exercises to the individual needs of each student and to be clear the concepts of basic breathing and muscular activation. All classes are given by a physiotherapist.

At Globalfisio we believe in prevention, the importance of active recovery and the benefits of physical activity, both musculoskeletal and emotional level.

For this reason, our treatment services include pilates and yoga classes in small groups (maximum 7 people), so that the highly qualified instructor can control and correct each student.



Tuesday and Thursday: 11:15, 14:30, 15:30, 18:00 y 19:00



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