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We want to encourage you to resolve your injuries through movement. Combining manual therapy with therapeutic exercise.

FisioGlobal, Physiotherapy Centre in Palma and Bendinat

  • We can help. Contact us and let us know about your case. We will study the best way to make you feel better.
  • Pain and movement. We encourage our patients to approach their musculoskeletal problems through movement, combining our manual therapy treatment with the latest active therapy routines.
  • Physiotherapy in Palma city center and Bendinat.Regain your wellbeing. Contact us today.
  • Ultrasound scan guided techniques.
  • Pelvic floor advanced treatment.Active therapy (yoga/pilates/low-pressure fitness)

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Physiotherapy News

Using cold to a muscle injury

In the world of sports it is frequent injury. So it is necessary to know how to use ice to reduce pain that may cause a fall or blow. This time we'll show a how to reduce pain using cold . Since this is a good anesthetic and anti-inflammatory. To reduce pain cold...

3 physiotherapy tips to improve your posture

If you want to improve your posture is important to put into practice the following tips. Which will help you improve your posture and health in general. That said you're welcome to implement these Physiotherapeutic tips to improve your posture: Make a low calorie...