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We offer special packages for workers in our partner companies. Experience shows that most of the patients who come to our clinic are injured at work, and so that is why we have developed our business service, FISIOPREVENT. The aim is to improve the employee’s physical well-being and motivation and reduce sick leave. Avoid back pain, neck pain, headache, muscle overload, myofascial problems … We adapt to the specific needs of each company. Ask for a quote without obligation. (Or contact us, we offer a quality service).

Business Benefits:

• Reduced absenteeismbecause of work injuries. • Reduced number of accidents at work. • Reduced medical expenses, additional reviews, hospitalisations, etc. • Improved company image as well as the working environment. • Increased productivity and therefore economic benefits. • Reduced cost of session. • Tax relief for the company, as this is medical.

Benefits for the employee:

• Improved quality of life, as it reduces the incidence of occupational illness, emotional stress, fatigue and physical weariness. • Correction of bad posture. • Improved attitude to the job, cutting energy costs in the execution of tasks and consequently increased production capacity. • Improved worker attention, avoiding accidents due to carelessness.