Kinesio taping


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This is a revolutionary way of bandaging which helps our bodies’ self-healing process. It is an elastic bandage which helps muscle function without restricting movement, maintaining adequate blood and lymphatic circulation as well as allowing proprioceptive information to come from the injured part, factors which promote the normal healing process.

It lasts 3 to 5 days, after which you should remove the bandage and apply another, if necessary. This type of bandage is made of cotton and latex-free adhesive and is hypoallergenic. It behaves like a second skin and can get wet.


Benefits of Kinesio taping

The main functions of Kinesio taping are: – Analgesic. Pain relief. – Muscle strengthening. Increases the tone of the weakened muscle and decreases the tone of the seized muscle. – Supports the joint. Helps to correct joint and posture problems. – Improved drainage of body fluids. – Stabilises the joint by encouraging the proprioceptive stimuli which are produced there. Kinesio Taping is suitable for the treatment of muscle, joint, neurological and ligament injuries as well as the reduction of inflammation and lymphoedema.

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