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Massage is one of the oldest known therapeutic techniques. The technique is part of physiotherapy. Technically, it is a method of assessment (by palpation) and manual therapy, applied to the human body and transmitted to different organs by the mechanical pressure of the hands. Following the diagnosis and the objective of the proposed treatment, effects can be achieved that produce direct or reflex actions in the body.


The main therapeutic effects are listed below:

– Pain relief. – Relaxation. – Improved circulation. – Reduction of inflammation or oedema. – Reduction of tissue adhesions.


Through massage therapy we can treat various injuries including muscle spasms, tendonitis, muscle breakdown, psychosomatic complaints, consequences of fractures, dislocations, sprains, lymphoedema, nerve pain and scars.


There are different types of massage, depending on the effect desired, the tissue on which we are working and the type of patient. These types are:

– Deep transverse massage. – Lymphatic massage. – Relieving massage. – Sports massage. – Neuro-muscular technique. – Circulatory massage.

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