Myofascial therapy


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The fascia is a tissue which surrounds all the muscles, bones, joints, organs, blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, ligaments and tendons, linking them together but also separating and protecting them. Consequently, it is possible for tension in one part of the body to be felt in another, more distant, part of the body.

Myofascial therapy is a treatment technique in which the therapist uses pressure on and stretching of parts of the body in certain positions in order to relax the fascia, improve mobility and relieve pain.

Through myofascial therapy, we can treat conditions of the musculoskeletal system, such as sprains, fractures, tendonitis, tennis elbow, neck pain, back pain, whiplash, scoliosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, painful shoulders, headaches, lumbago and fibromyalgia.

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