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FisioGlobal Palma

Josep Tous i Ferrer, 8, 3º
971 915 660627 440 580
} 09:00 – 20:00

FisioGlobal Bendinat

Ginesta n°1
971 400 311609 604 545
} 08:00 – 21:00

Supervised Classes

Supervised Classes

At FisioGlobal we believe in movement as a therapeutic tool, which is why we believe that both directed classes in small groups or individual classes of Pilates, yoga and hypopressive exercises, as well as personal training, which can also be carried out in small groups or individually, can be the solution to many ailments (many pains) that persist over time or pains that return cyclically.

The body possesses a multitude of resources that, guided by a physiotherapist, can help the patient to be able to take control of their wellbeing and give them the

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FisioGlobal Palma: 971 915 660
FisioGlobal Bendinat: 971 400 311

How are our sessions?
Clases Presenciales de Yoga, Pilates e Hipopresivos en Palma


Guided classes Face-to-face + Online


Clases Presenciales de Yoga, Pilates e Hipopresivos en Palma


Our Supervised Classes