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Treatment Techniques

Physiotherapy Treatments

Our philosophy involves offering our patients a totally individualized approach. We carefully study a possible global cause of the problem trying to deeply understand its origin to be able to give it the most efficient solution.

This is how our sessions are structured



We interact through a complete clinical interview, visual and physical examination and orthopaedic testing.

Tratamiento de fisioterapia


Once we have determined which is the cause of pain, we will choose the most appropriate therapy techniques, combining them in the best proportion as to insure the most successful outcome
Ejercicios y Consejos del Fisioterapia

Exercise routines and support advise

Finally, we will provide supervised exercise routines and progression to be developed as homework. We also give all recommendations needed during and after treatment to avoid relapse.

Our Treatment Techniques

Manual Therapy



Pelvic floor
and Obstetric

Sports Physiotherapy

Respiratory physiotherapy

We provide care in a great variety of health conditions:

  • Traumatology and Orthopedics: Sprains, back and neck pain, Scoliosis, post-surgery recovery conditions…
  • Neurology: Sciatica, upper and lower peripheral nerve entrapments, vertigo, disc hernia or prolapse…
  • Rheumatology: arthritis, osteoporosis…
  • Sports injuries: muscle, tendinous or ligament lesions, epicondylitis…
  • TMJ (Temporo mandibular joint problems) and facial conditions
  • Geriatrics: Loss of functionality, stiffness, healthy habit counseling.
  • Stress and pain related anxiety management
  • Chronic or long-standing Pain conditions.