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Ecography & Ultrasound Guided Techniques

Ultrasound is a tool that provides an image examination of the state of muscular, tendon and joint structures (capsule and ligaments), which is enormously useful in the treatment of any injury.

At FisioGlobal we treat our patients having thoroughly explored and understanding the exact level of damage of the tissue we need to recover, refining the choice of our techniques at the exact location of their application.

Benefits of an ECOGUIDED treatment

In certain pathologies, and with increased evidence, the use of this tool will allow us to be more effective at:

  • Applying the so-called invasive ultrasound techniques (EPI and Dry Needling).
  • Improve our patients motor learning, for the activation of muscles that are difficult to control voluntarily. This is a very useful form of biofeedback in therapeutic exercise and almost essential in the field of Pelviperineal and Obstetric Physiotherapy.
  • The verification of the location of the part of the body (tissue or structure) that is under treatment and thus achieve better results in the application of other techniques.
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