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Sports Physiotherapy

Reasons to go to a Physiotherapist specialized in Sports Physiotherapy

Sports physiotherapy, as we understand it, has fundamentally 2 approaches:

  • The first one involves understanding sport as a physical activity suitable for everyone. The summary would sound like this: “There is always something we can do, even if we are injured”. Therefore, this type of physiotherapy is based on understanding the biomechanics of the gesture or sporting activity (many of our Physiotherapists have degrees in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences) to apply a personalized treatment, regardless of the sport discipline or level of each individual. You don’t need to be an elite athlete to have a sports physiotherapy treatment. In fact, you don’t even need to wait until you’re actually injured as we can provide help to prevent injuries or common ailments involved in your physical activity. The key is to offer an approach that will be closely related to functional exercise.
  • The second approach is that of physiotherapy through exercise. A concept in which we are specialized, having the experience of more than 15 years behind us working with these guidelines.nWe divide the classic physiotherapy session into two parts. One is carried out on a stretcher, where we analyze what the problem or the suffering structure could be, and we automatically begin to treat it. For the other part, we leave the physiotherapy room to work actively in our gym, either giving mobility, stabilizing a joint, toning a muscle group or whatever we decided during the first part of the session.

Treatment developed this way is becomes enriched and patients become active elements on their own recovery process.

Dry needling technique for trigger points

Dry needling, also known as invasive physiotherapy of myofascial trigger points, consists of introducing an acupuncture needle into the muscle, in the trigger point area (area of maximum muscle spasm).

This puncture causes the central nervous system to start a process of regeneration of this “damaged” muscle so that more nutrients arrive, also inhibiting the sustained contraction. The muscle relaxes as a whole and symptoms such as local pain and referred pain improve.

What should I know about dry needling?

Trigger points are areas of the muscle in which the muscle fibres are shortened. They can be caused by bad posture, trauma, overexertion, etc. that cause tense bands of muscle contraction. This manifests itself in the form of hypersensitivity in the trigger point area or at a distance from it (referred pain).

It is important to know that the technique does not inoculate or extract any substance. Hence its name: “dry” needling.

Dry needling can be used in many pathologies:

  • Muscle injuries and tendinopathies, tendinitis.
  • Acute and chronic sprains, ligament disorders.
  • Arthrosis: trigger points are activated in the affected joint that trigger pain independent of the intra-articular damage itself, which can be improved with the application of dry needling.
  • Headaches and cranial pain.
  • Pain and dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint.
  • Radiculopathy
  • Other disorders.
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